Florida For Sale By Owner Title Search

How good of a deal are you really getting with that Florida For Sale by Owner home? And how do you avoid potential pitfalls that are often associated with buying a For Sale by Owner home in Florida?

At Title Search Florida, Inc., our quick, inexpensive For Sale By Owner title search and report will supply you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase of a Florida For Sale By Owner home. Our searches tell you:

  • Any clouds on the title that may exist;
  • Actual ownership of the property;
  • Assessed value of the property;
  • Property taxes (whether or not they have been paid);
  • Mortgages encumbering the property;
  • Any Judgment liens encumbering the property;
  • Any Mechanic’s liens encumbering the property;
  • How much equity the seller really has in the home; and
  • How much the seller paid for the home originally.

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