Florida Title Research Policies

Our Errors and Omissions insurance policy is in place to give you peace of mind. We have coverage of $1 Million per claim. We will send you a copy of our policy declarations page upon your written request.

Each title search will be performed as fast as humanly possible.  Typically, if you place your title search order before Noon on a given day, our title search and report will be returned to you via email in PDF format on the same day or on the following day beforeNoon.  If you place your title search order after Noon on a given day, our title search and report will be returned to you via email in PDF format on the following day before the close of business.  However, unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise which may delay the turn-around time on some orders. In such instances you will be kept abreast of your order status via email and/or telephone.

All users must create an account by using the REGISTER link on our website. First time users and all non-commercial account holders are required to pay in advance of their order fulfillment. This may be completed online via our Secure payment link with your PayPal account. For record purposes, an invoice will be sent with each order.

If you are an established company in the fields of real estate, title, law, mortgage, banking and/or finance, you may qualify for a Commercial Account. Commercial Accounts will be billed on the 1st and 15th of each month. All payments are due within 15 days of the date on the invoice. Please contact us at 877-785-8792 if you wish to establish a Commercial Account.

We offer discounted pricing for commercial account holders who submit bulk orders. Please contact us at 877-785-8792 to discuss reduced pricing for bulk orders.

You will have the ability to manage your user account. Once you have logged in with your email address and password currently on file in our system, you may examine your order history and payment history. You may also update your account details if the need arises.

We recognize and respect the privacy expectations of today’s consumers and the requirements of applicable federal and state privacy laws. We believe that making you aware of how we use your non-public personal information (“Personal Information”), and to whom it is disclosed, will form the basis for a relationship of trust between us and the public that we serve. This Privacy Statement provides that explanation. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Statement from time to time consistent with applicable privacy laws.

In the course of our business, we may collect Personal Information about you from the following sources: From applications or other forms we receive from you or your authorized representative; From your transactions with, or from the services being performed by, us, our affiliates, or others; From our internet web site; From the public records maintained by governmental entities that we either obtain directly from those entities, or from our affiliates or others; and From consumer or other reporting agencies.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access or intrusion. We limit access to the Personal Information only to those employees who need such access in connection with providing products or services to you or for other legitimate business purposes.

Your Personal Information will not be shared with anyone other than our affiliates and only to the extent necessary to complete your order. In addition, we will disclose your Personal Information when you direct or give us permission, when we are required by law to do so, or when we suspect fraudulent or criminal activities. We also may disclose your Personal Information when otherwise permitted by applicable privacy laws such as, for example, when disclosure is needed to enforce our rights arising out of any agreement, transaction or relationship with you.

One of the important responsibilities of some of our affiliated companies is to record documents in the public domain. Such documents may contain your Personal Information.

All of our searches and reports are prepared for the use and benefit of the designated customer only, and they may not be used or relied upon by any other party. The title searches and reports we produce rely upon a search of the public records of the submitted County through the effective (through) date listed on each report, and Title Search Florida, Inc., assumes no responsibility for changes in the status of the property since that time. Further, all names are searched in the submitted form only.

From time to time, we intend to mail and/or email newsletters and promotional notices to our customers. If you do not wish to receive these notices, please notify us by email of your intentions at info@truetitlefl.net.

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