Copies Only

Copies Only


If you only need copies, please provide the recording book and page number and County wherein the instrument(s) is/are recorded. The fee for copies is $5.00 plus $1.00 per page. Please specify which pages from each instrument are needed. If you do not know the number of pages needed, just submit your order and we will call or email you with the price once the complexity of your search has been determined.

  • Deed Recording Information (if available to you):
  • $0.00


The prices listed below pertain to Residential Properties only.  Our prices for Commercial Searches are determined on a search-by-search basis.  For Commercial Searches, email your search order (including the property address and Parcel Identification Number at a minimum) to, and we will provide you with the price and expected turn-time before running the full search.  Also, the prices listed below pertain to every Florida County except for Bradford County, Calhoun County, Dixie County, Liberty County and Union County.  In these five counties copy costs will be added to the prices listed below for the search.  Copies in these five counties typically cost $1.00 per page in addition to a one-time-per-order $4.50 service charge collected by the County Clerk of Court.

Additionally, the price listed below for a 30 Year Search and Report STARTS AT $125.00.  If this search can be completed in-house through one of our available real property databases, then our cost will remain $125.00.  If the 30-year chain of title for your search cannot be completed in-house and we have to send a title searcher to the courthouse to complete your 30 year title search, then our out-of-pocket costs will increase and our ETA will also be extended.  If this occurs relative to your 30 year title search request, you will be notified of these complications and given the option to either:  a) proceed at the higher cost and extended ETA; or b) cancel your 30-year title search order and receive a full refund of your costs already expended.

These searches and prices do not cover unrecorded Municipal Liens.  If you need a Municipal Lien Search for unrecorded water bills, utility bills or other bills that may be due to a City or to a County, please either email us at or call us at (877) 785-8792 to discuss the parameters and pricing for same.